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Danito San

Danito aka Danito San, Berlin’s favorite DJ who’s early influence of hip hop and house rose him to become one of Berlin’s most essential electronic DJ‘s. After a long intensive time in Berlin‘s techno scene, Danito utilizes a library of immense style which is quite difficult to describe yet loved by everyone because of it’s unique blend blend of driving, deep, groovy basslines, rhythmic open hi-hats and coordinated melodic highlights.

Take a journey to the deep end with his music range from house to techno and fill your room with with good vibes and happy faces.

Through various shows and appearances nationally & internationally, Danito San has recorded some of the best trendsetting events over the past 4 years making him one of Birgit & Bier’s top resident DJs since 2014.of all t

His vibes, style, & passion reflected highly in his sets has made him no stranger to some of the finest clubs like Sisyphos, Zur Wilde Renate, Kit Kat Club, Le Clan (Prague), and Baalsaal Hamburg to name a few.

Since 2017 Never.Mind collective a group Danito joined consisting of 4 friends, regularly hosts national and international events and has even participated in the La Playita Music Festival in Colombia back in 2016.







Danito San @ House of Weekend

Danito San house of weekend with the best Crowd/ Dankeschöööön an alle die da waren

Gepostet von Danito San am Montag, 14. November 2016